How to Start a Supplement Brand

More people than ever seek pro-nutritional products to help them improve their physical health and control their weight. These increased health and weight management efforts have caused a boost in mineral, dietary, and vitamin supplement consumption and purchases. Dietary supplements intend to enrich diets and typically include one or many of the following nutrients and ingredients: vitamins, proteins, minerals, herbs, and other botanical ingredients. Nutritional supplement products are available to consumers as capsules, powders, gummies, pills, and liquids.

An up-and-coming business owner may observe the popularity and sales of supplements and ask if starting a dietary supplement company is profitable. Well, put simply, it is. Industry researchers and experts placed the supplement industry’s value at an estimated $140 billion in 2018. By late 2019, researchers and experts projected that the global dietary supplement market would reach a value of $216 billion within five or six years.

When starting a dietary supplement brand, aspiring business owners should research which nutritional solutions are in demand. From there, they should determine who to partner with to create their supplement products and what marketing tactics are most effective. Read on to learn about ways to start a supplement brand.

1. Research which types of supplements are most popular with consumers.

Researching the supplement market can provide insight into the vitamin and supplement brands customers think are the best option for them, and which supplements, medications, multivitamins, and health solutions consumers are paying attention to most. Data shows that approximately 77 percent of people in the United States reported dietary supplement use last year. Specific supplement categories like vitamin C products, melatonin supplements, and herbal and botanical products experience growth, which makes selling them a great way to grow a small business.

Vitamin and supplement sales have increased following the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Products that can help people improve anxiety management, encourage better immune health, and boost total wellness have skyrocketed in demand and popularity recently. Researching the market can help aspiring supplement brand owners determine how they’ll add to the market and create popular health solutions.

2. Enlist the services of a reputable dietary supplement manufacturer to help you create high-quality products.

Once you have an idea of the types of supplements you’d like to market and sell, identify a reliable dietary supplement manufacturer who can create your products. Build a professional collaborative relationship with a supplement, mineral, or vitamin manufacturer with the experience, knowledge, and skill needed to produce dietary supplements that follow good manufacturing practices and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.

An excellent B2B supplement manufacturer can make high-quality custom formulations from the ingredients you choose to include in your products. Whether you want to specialize in weight loss supplements, multivitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, children’s vitamins, or bodybuilding supplements, the best professional supplement manufacturing company can supply your business with profitable solutions with unique packaging and custom design for labels that make them stand out from competitors.

3. Use robust technological solutions to streamline your business

Efficient technology, such as electronic devices or specialized software, can be vital to businesses. Leveraging robust software and equipment can enable companies to perform and function better than other companies, meet their goals, and gain a competitive edge.

Optimize your business with the best technology to make critical business processes, such as bank reconciliation, easier. Bank reconciliation is a universal process relevant to small, mid-level, and large businesses in all industries. This process involves matching individual transactions reported through bank statements or other activity reports against relevant internal data to guarantee that the bank’s records are accurate as accounted for in the company’s finance system.

Bank reconciliation can be a challenge for small businesses because of the number of bank accounts, transaction volume, check clearing, usage of different currencies, and various data sources they need to keep track of. Using the right technological solution from a reputable brand, you can equip your supplement brand’s financial team with automation tools that enable them to quickly get rid of time-consuming manual tasks and achieve complete visibility over their reconciliations and book balance. With this software, your business can have the best insight into financial position and risk.

4. Implement superior marketing tactics to spread the word about your supplement brand.

In some cases, the way a business markets its products can be more indispensable to its success than the products themselves. To make your supplement brand more visible to potential customers, consider utilizing a mixture of traditional and digital marketing tactics. Tangible marketing materials, such as business cards, never go out of style.

Utilizing the best professional business card printers’ services results in custom business cards that can increase your supplement brand’s visibility. Custom business cards that include your company’s name, address, phone number, business email address, social media accounts, logo, and slogan can impress new customers and business partners who may engage in future professional partnerships.

In addition to modern methods of traditional advertising, consider engaging in digital marketing, as well. Digital marketing can be beneficial to your supplement brand, especially if you’re running an online store. Using the Internet to market your supplement products enables you to catch social media users and media consumers’ eyes. Digital marketing and visual content to enhance consumers’ awareness of your brand and its visibility can add to your business’ profitability and boost sales.

Furthermore, an informative website that describes your nutritional supplements can help your business and improve your reputation. By explaining the ingredients included in your products and providing healthy suggestions for using your supplement products, you will impress your consumers with your transparency and accurate information. Including pictures of your products can give customers a better idea of what they’re buying so they’ll know what to expect from their purchase.

By using a device such as IBI smart photo manager, you can store and save as many favorite photos of your supplements as you need. Whether you take pictures of your products and their packaging on your cell phone or camera and save them on your laptop, cloud storage device, Google Drive, or a USB drive, IBI can collect these photos and videos and store them. The IBI device allows you to control who you share your photos with, whether you want to post them to your website, upload them to social media accounts, or send them to people you know personally and professionally.

Using research to drive business plans, collaborating with professional manufacturers, implementing efficient technological software into your operations, and marketing your dietary supplement company can guarantee its growth and success.