How to get your mobile application approved on stores?

Mobile app development Dubai has led to record breaking highs in the tech industry. With millions of applications being developed and successful, it is not foreign to think that this industry will reach greater heights in no time. The entire process of mobile app development Dubai is cumbersome and long however making its success is derived solely from the number of downloads and users it attracts. Which is why getting your application approved on stores is vital. Once your app makes it to the App store or Play store, a small percentage of its success is guaranteed by how people see it and the reviews they have for it. If you are looking to get your app approved on any store, here is all you need to know:

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Mobile app development Dubai shows that a submission on the app store needs to be properly planned beforehand. Here is the timeline for approval that you need to know:

  • Meeting all app store requirements – 2-3 weeks
  • Submitting an appeal after being rejected – depends on your case however it can take 2-7 days
  • Resubmission after rejection – 2-3 weeks

1. Do not mention android to the app store:

One crucial point to keep in mind for mobile app development Dubai is to never mention that you have submitted your application on other platforms, even if your app supports them. So, keep this out.

2. Do not submit betas for your app:

A submission that includes a beta version or has features that are yet to be completed will not be submitted. Mobile app development Dubai has seen that the app store is not the only one that requires high quality applications, but the users who will download your app need it too.

3. Cross platform Submissions:

If you use a tool for cross platform submissions then you may have issues so code for each platform separately.


The prerequisites:

  • Unique bundle ID
  • Signed release version as an APK
  • A developer account

1. Ensure its functionality:

The biggest issue for mobile app development Dubai is its functionality. User have high expectations so carry out a user acceptance test and monitor your application before you submit it.

2. The APK Expansion files:

Having too big an app will push you to breaking it into parts. This is more necessary for gaming apps and android expansion files allow the APK for two additional files of 2 gb.

3. Do the obvious:

After you have done what is mentioned above, sign in with your google account and click on create application and follow your mind! fill in the necessary details for mobile app development Dubai and launch your app by creating the release.

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